10 May 2014

Call Library: Help Save Lewis & Clark Library!

Please watch this short segment from Channel 2's "Your Paid For It" regarding the use of taxpayers money to demolish the beautiful, historic, functional Lewis & Clark Branch Library (St. Louis County). Look below for the phone number to call to let them know of your outrage at this horrible rape of our collective history and culture.

Lewis & Clark Branch Library slated for demolition.
Interior with art glass at Children's Corner.
Carol Weustoff's online petition (click to sign) to save the Lewis & Clark Library.

The brand new library, to be located closer to the street and a gas station, will be only slightly larger.

Davis interviewing Dr. Beckwith and Library Director Kristen Sorth.
Call and leave a message for Board President Lynn Beckwith at 314-994-3300.
Channel 2's Elliot Davis with "Your Paid For It" which air recently.