24 May 2015

Is Kinloch Disappearing?

This presentation addresses the city's fascinating history, it's present status and its future potential.
This multimedia presentation created by Andrew Raimist will take place in Grand Center on the next First Friday: Friday, June 5, 2015 at 9pm. It addresses the fascinating history of the city, it's present status and its future potential.

Please invite anyone you know who would find this presentation interesting. It's part of an Artists' Showcase at the Public Media Commons. Please check it out!

My piece will be one of many unique, creative features including dance, poetry, live action and other forms of performance that must be seen to be believed. Contributors to this event include: Diana Barrios, Leverage Dance Theater, DJ Raven Fox, Sarah Bernhardt, Caitlin Funston, Libby Reuter, Joss Barton, Alessio Summerfield, Mark Albrecht, Damien Johnson, Daniel Shown and others.

The Public Media Commons is located between Channel Nine, Sheldon Concert Hall and St. Louis Public Radio on Olive in Grand Center.

Image courtesy of Julia Christensen of ohjuliaann.com (also apologies to).