20 January 2005

architectural ruminations

each day i think about and chew over bits of architectural detrius. these may be generated from nearly any source: a project on-going in the office, a photograph i've taken, a book i'm reading, a magazine article, a conversation in the office, something off the radio, television, etc. some of these images/ideas are composed of memories and interpretations of past understandings. often the best approach is to just spit it out to see what it is, to check it to see if it seems there might be something worth considering, at more length, more seriously. i intend to write about these ideas and let the writing process take me where it will. my thinking is most often non-linear and i expect my writing to follow a similar stream of consciousness flow. it may appear jumpy to an unfamiliar reader intitially, but it'll all make sense eventually (at least i hope).


  1. You are go at throttle up.

  2. brainhell, thank you for the notice of 'throttle up'. its taken me some time to actually begin to move. but move i will.

    i read some portions of your blog. i give you a great deal of credit. if i were faced with similar circumstances, i'm not sure if i'd handle it nearly as well as you seem to.


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