12 September 2006

Stuebner Residence -- overview

project: Stuebner Residence
client: Dr. Roland W. Stuebner
location: 5 Indian Hill Road, Ladue, Missouri
date: 1939
architect: Harris Armstrong
condition: no longer extant

This house was located on five acres adjacent to the Log Cabin Country Club's golf course in Ladue, Missouri. Unfortunately, this house was purchased as a tear-down, demolished, and replaced by a faux-Tudor McMansion.

This photograph was taken shortly after completion of the house (around 1940). The Stuebner's and subsequent owners continually improved the property with landscaping, adding trees, patios, large fountain, and other amenities. By the time the house was demolished in the late 1990s, the house sat within a well-maintained, well-planned natural environment.

Photograph courtesy of the Harris Armstrong Archives, Special Collections, Washington University in Saint Louis.

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