23 August 2007

Kirkwood Moderne For Sale

This Streamline Moderne home on South Geyer Road is presently for sale. While it has many characteristics of homes by Harris Armstrong, it was apparently not one of his designs.

The website with the real estate listing includes interior and exterior photographs. I encourage anyone interested in the house to visit and take a look for themselves.

In years past, the condition of the house (particularly the exterior white painted brick) was deteriorating, stained, and flaking. It has more recently been tuckpointed and repainted. The landscaping has been updated and it seems the overall condition of the house improved.

Photograph by Andrew Raimist, 2006.

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  1. I love the architectural design of the house. I think it's very rustic yet it has a modern feel to it. The house doesn't look old to me, it's a good find.

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