11 January 2008

Ray & Charles Eames Stamps coming !

In the summer of 2008, these stamps will become available through the USPS. I can't wait . . . I'm sure they'll become collector's items.

Here's a quotation from Eames Demetrios:

These stamps were designed by the remarkable Derry Noyes, who design[s] many of the stamps for the US Post Office. The first inklings of this possibility were 10 or 12 years ago when we (I am wearing my Eames Office hat here) first answered a request for research images.

There is a wonderful familial connection there, as Derry is the daughter of Eli Noyes, who was an extremely close friend of Charles and Ray’s and the director of design at IBM.

Slowly over this time period it blossomed to a full on set of 16 stamps to celebrate the richness of Charles and Ray’s work. We see the Eames House, La Chaise, the Lounge Chair, Crosspatch, House of Cards, the film Tops and more.

Just think: How many Toys are on stamps? How many short films? This is just a great thing.

Did anyone save some sheets of the Noguchi stamps of a few years back?

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  1. Thanks for checking out my poems. I see where your interest in Noguchi stems from -- I was referring to the 1945 sculpture, which was initially the only one I was familiar with, but I think the text goes well with the 1944 one you linked to.


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