08 August 2010


Thanks to everyone who has been asking about my book on Harris Armstrong. Unfortunately it isn't quite ready yet; I've run into some difficulties (both technical and personal) that haven't allowed me to complete the work on it.

I've been out of work for quite some time and some great job opportunities have recently appeared on which I've had to focus my energies. These have taken me away from completing the publication. I hope to have the book completed soon.

I'll definitely post a notice on my blog, Architectural Ruminations, when the book is available. I'm hoping that will be before the end of August.

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  1. Mr. Raimist, could you please identify the subject of the last photo from your flyer showing student research projects that was used for your spring 2012 Mid-Century Modern course at WashU? It looks like it's a church, and the architect was Harris Armstrong. I'm wondering where it is - I'd love to see it in person. Thank you! I love your blog!


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