20 June 2011

(en)Visioning Hyde Park Begins!

Our program has begun! The kids are totally psyched and I've already got them taking pictures. In addition to working with Canon Powershot digital point-and-shoot cameras, each day I bring in a different camera to show them.

The first day they all got to try out my Nikon DSLR. The second day I brought in a Kodak Brownie from the early twentieth century. I explained that fundamentally all of these cameras do exactly the same thing.

We concluded the week with plans for a barbecue and an afternoon creative celebration with volleyball, face-painting, t-shirt screen-printing, portraits and more. Friday's intense storm drove us inside, but didn't dampen our spirits!

I shot everyone's portraits in a makeshift portrait studio set-up. I've edited and posted several to my Flickr photostream.

Urban Expressions

Urban Expressions

We also got a wonderful article published about our program in St. Louis Magazine written by Zakea Boeger. A special shout-out goes to their Arts & Entertainment Editor Stefene Russell who helped make it all possible!

St. Louis Magazine article

And here's a self-portrait taken in the midst of all the action:

Urban Expressions

Thanks again for your support! Please be sure to let others know the deadline for reaching our goal is Wednesday 6 July. If we don't reach our goal by that date, then no money gets donated and we receive nothing. :(

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