08 September 2011

On Laskey

Professor Leslie Laskey shocked the hell out of me with his question at my first critique as a student at Washington University's School of Architecture. I'd just finished presenting some conte crayon on newsprint sketches and described the concept for my upcoming project to design a wall in a garden.

After I finished presenting, he exclaimed, "JUST WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?" Into the tense silence, I meekly replied, "Cornell."

"Oh, . . . well, that explains it!"

 ~ ~

That was my introduction to the force know as Laskey. I was never fortunate enough to have him as my professor as he taught the undergraduates, though I did participate in a few of his design salons some years later.

He certainly influenced the direction of my own work, suggesting I take a close look at Harris Armstrong's Magic Chef Building and its Noguchi ceiling. I'd come to him asking for his advice about how I might pursue my interest in issues relating to the historic preservation of modernist architecture.

Now, at ninety, Laskey's work will be the subject of simultaneous exhibitions at the Bruno David Gallery and at Steinberg Gallery at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. The openings will be held tomorrow evening, Friday 9 September 2011 in conjunction with exhibit openings at the Pulitzer and the Contemporary.

Take a look at this wonderful short video by David Wild:

Leslie Laskey: Hinge from David Wild on Vimeo.

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