12 December 2011

(en)visioning Hyde Park Exhibition

We had a wonderful exhibition at the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group gallery which remained on view nearly through Thanksgiving. The exhibition was a great success with many visitors and lots of encouraging, supportive compliments.

View of north wall of (en)visioning Hyde Park exhibition.

The following images of exhibit reveal the layers of work presented. The central band of colors photographs (running horizontally) contained the students' photographs. The band of small images in a line across the bottom represented the 7" square book's pages. You can find an online preview of the book at Blurb.com. At the top are enlargements of portraits of students and teaching artists in the program.

Detail of north wall of (en)visioning Hyde Park exhibition.

These 48" high halftone portraits were printed as part of a global art project called InsideOutProject. These portraits were first displayed at 1415 Mallinckrodt Street, Rebuild Foundation's Art House.

Detail of east wall of exhibition with Urban Expressions portraits.
View of south wall of exhibition with InsideOutProject portraits of teaching artists above.
Detail of south wall of exhibition.

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