09 January 2012

Mid-Century Modern Architecture in St. Louis

Course offering, Spring 2012: Mid-Century Modern Architecture in St. Louis
Instructors: Andrew Raimist, AIA and John Guenther, FAIA
Course: A46 ARCH 478A. Mid-Century Modernism in St. Louis 1930–1965 (Credit 3 units).

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts
Washington University in St. Louis
Tuesdays, 1pm – 4pm

Images represent subjects of student research projects from Spring 2011.

This course offers students the opportunity to visit, document and research prime examples of Mid-Century Modern Architecture in St. Louis. The city has a rich heritage in 20th century modernism and many excellent works that are not well known. Our weekly visits will include talks and tours with designers, architects, clients and historians will put the work into historical and cultural context.

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  1. Fascinating course concept.

  2. Thank you Rebecca. Glad you like it. This year will be the second time it's offered.

  3. I'm glad you think so Paolo. We're off to a great start!

  4. When is the next class? Can one audit it?

  5. We're just starting a new class for the Spring 2013 semester. I'm not certain about auditing. You would have to check with Washington University regarding their policies.


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