29 March 2015

Ferguson & St. Louis Area Panel Discussion

This panel discussion brings together community members from across St. Louis and WUSTL to engage in a conversation that explores the important viewpoints, real challenges, and hard realities faced by residents of North St. Louis City and County. As a result, we hope to identify areas where communities’ genuine needs intersect with the University’s genuine interests, providing opportunities for the WUSTL community to both listen and reach out in meaningful and authentic ways.

Panelists are:
  • Umar Lee, Activist, Freelance Writer, and Novelist
  • Daffney Moore, Economic Development Directory, City of Berkeley
  • Scott Ogilvie, Alderman for Ward 24, City of St. Louis
  • Dr. Rance Thomas, PhD, President, North County Churches Uniting for Racial Harmony and Justice
 • Melvin White, President, Beloved Streets of America, Inc.

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. All community members with an interest in the public realm, community development, social justice and related issues are invited to come and share your voice in this collaborative, interactive process. Along with tasty appetizers, we'll have large maps and other paper on which everyone will be invited to draw and express their own thoughts and ideas!

This event is the concluding public discussion of this series of events which included a screening of the documentary film "Spanish Lake" and a bus tour of North St. Louis City and County.

Series Description:

The Sam Fox School presents FOCUS: Ferguson & the St. Louis Metropolitan Region, a series of events that will address the complex economic, political, and racial landscape of North St. Louis City and County.

The events following Michael Brown’s shooting death on August 9, 2014, revealed deep divisions within the St. Louis area. The name “Ferguson” has become shorthand for the many problems and conflicts endemic to urban and suburban communities, not only in the St. Louis region but also across our country.

The FOCUS series will draw on a range of these questions and issues, investigating the intersecting—and often compounding—roles played by social and economic inequities, racial disparities, white flight, public safety, and housing and economic development. At the same time, the series will grapple with legitimate, thoughtful ways for citizens to effect positive change, with an emphasis on learning how to listen to, understand, and address conflicting voices.

Public panel discussion & dialogue on #Ferguson #STL urban & economic development

Shortcut link to event: http://on.fb.me/1BBzL3j 


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