03 August 2016

Wellston Loop Family Reunion

This past school year, we held an event in the Wellston Loop neighborhood that we called the Wellston Loop Family Reunion. The idea was to highlight the area's strengths, its history, its people and its potential. We had a variety of speakers, food, music, videos and an exhibition of photographs.

Since the event itself is ephemeral and was held on the coldest November day in recent history (Saturday, November 21, 2015), I've compiled a book of essays, photographs and other materials offering a more in-depth view of what people attending the event experienced. The book is available for viewing here online and may be downloaded to keep for yourself and/or print out to share with others.

The book may be downloaded in its entirety as a PDF here.


  1. What a notable achievement! What a notable history, pulsating with heart and wisdom and detail, making it all the more special. What a generous contribution to community history, community education, and preservation forever of a history that for a long time was threatened with being forgotten. Andrew Raimist deserves a deep bow from of all us who grew up in, or near to, Wellston, and everyone whose lives were enriched by having Wellston a part of their personal history.

  2. Many thanks to you Wayne Brasler for your support, encouragement and contributions to preserving the community's collective memory.


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