23 June 2005

Bergeron / Wellmeier Residence -- fireplace

View of the fireplace in the Bergeron / Wellmeier Residence following the renovations. The hearth is composed of brick set flush with the floor. When you enter the home the view is straight toward the fireplace (and outward to the window, deck, and yard beyond). The path of bricks in the floor determines a very definite pathway from the front entry through the house. it also demarcates the line between the public spaces and the private spaces of the house.

The public spaces of the house comprise the Family Room and Dining Room. These two "rooms" are divided by an open screen which allows the room to work visually as one space, while working functionally as two. Adjacent to these two main spaces are the Kitchen and Breakfast Table. All of these spaces are on the South side of the brick band.

Once you cross over the bricks toward the North, you must go half a flight upward or half a flight downward. Upward are bedrooms, bathrooms, and study. Downstairs there are two additional bedrooms, bathroom, laundry, and utility area.

Photograph by Andrew Raimist.

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