05 June 2005


in the past few months (april, may, and june), i've been spending a fair bit of time creating an online site for images and photographs on Flickr. at first, i thought it would be simply a repository for images that might help me to keep them organized and to create an easy way to show pictures to people 'on the fly'. the address for these images is:

--> http://www.flickr.com/photos/raimist/

since posting a lot of images that i'd taken some time ago or were scanned for my Harris Armstrong research, i started taking more photographs with my Nikon 4300 digital camera. it isn't the most flexible camera, in the sense that its not easy (or possible?) to control the shutter speed, the aperature, etc. however, i've been able to do some interesting things with it.

certainly the freedom of a digital camera, with 'disposable' images, has given me a great deal more comfort in shooting 'from the hip' and experimenting with image making, like i used to when i first started in photography around age 10 to 12.

i'm happy with the feedback that i've been getting on these photographs. some people seem to be interested enough to check out the website for my architectural practice:

--> http://RaimistArchitecture.com

i'm thinking/hoping that i'll be able to use Blogger, Flickr, and my website in an integrated, synergistic way. that's the hope anyway. Flickr mostly for images. Blogger mostly for words and links. Website for issues specifically related to architecture, my practice, research, etc.

i'm very new to the concept of the blog. i've read a few on occasion, but i haven't followed any consistently over time. my sister rachel encouraged me to create this account. i've been hestitant about using it. but now, i'm going to try to use the enthusiasm i've developed for Flickr to invest more time into using Blogger. while my primary goal is getting myself to write out many of my thoughts, ideas, and drafts for my book on Harris Armstrong. being june now, my goal of completing the text of my manuscript for the book before the end of 2005. i feel like this year is the time for me to finally finish it.

i'm planning to make use of Flickr and Blogger cooperatively. i'll post photographs, drawings, and other images pertinent to the book on Flickr and create links between them and Blogger texts to which they are associated. i will probably also use the process of pasting images into the Blogger text itself. at this moment, i don't know how to do this, but i'm sure i'll figure it out.

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  1. Just wanted to say hello. I traveled from flickr to your blog. I agree that having a threefold appoach -- Flickr, Blogger, and website -- is a great idea, but I have found blogging to be a difficult thing to keep up. I have tried. I use Flickr for more of a pictorial blog. I started out like you, thinking it would just be a good place to put my pictures as a respoitory, but it has turned into so much more.

    Keep up the good work!

    Tracy Lee


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