21 June 2007

Ethical Society -- design model, 1961

A working model for Armstrong's Ethical Society. The design as built generally corresponds to the model, but with some slight differences.

The canopy at left, beyond the two glazed vestibules, was never constructed. The rounding of the educational wing at the top and bottom of the end walls is not present as built. The configuration of the reflecting pool isn't quite the same as built. The trellis elements aren't show around the main copper roof (they may have been omitted intentionally). Additionally, the overhangs around the main entry hall appear to be solid planes rather than a trellis. In the built version, the trellis wraps around the front (south) side and the rear (north) side, but stops where it intersects with the roof of each wing.

There seems to be an additional pair of columns at the main entry hall projecting the volume farther toward the south; this additional pair was eliminated in the constructed version. The separation between the main copper roof with its cantilevered brackets clearly wraps around the east, west, and south side continuously. In the way the roof was constructed, the juncture between the roof of the wings at each side isn't nearly as clear and distinct as indicated in the model.

The low fenced in area at the east end of the education wing was set aside as a children's play area. The design of the fence depicted here was not constructed. Rather, the wall system used continues the material and geometry of the rectangular education wing itself.

Model by Armstrong's office, circa 1961 (location unknown).

Photograph of model courtesy of the Harris Armstrong Archives, Special Collections, Washington University in Saint Louis.

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