28 December 2009

An exchange on maps and Matta-Clark (made public)

Following is a brief exchange of comments between Andrew Raimist (author) and Steve Patterson (Urban Review STL blogger) regarding the beauty and efficacy of Sanborn maps.

Andrew Raimist
I love these old Sanborn maps.

I have to watch myself when I go into the site with the maps because it may turn into a 3-4 hour trip.

yes, i know exactly what you mean.

have you seen the Fake Estatescreated by Gordon Matta-Clark he researched such boundary maps to find left-over slivers of unclaimed property and purchased and documented them.

Is that part of the current exhibit [at The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts]?

yes, absolutely. he bought spaces that are 8" x 100' and photographed them, as well as inaccessible spaces trapped between lots.

I've thought about doing that before. I was thinking more the rant against our city govt than an artistic statement.

in my opinion, his work was grounded in social and political criticism presented in the context of art. not so much as objects of aesthetic appreciation as critical tools for unveiling the stupidity and blindness of our institutions.

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  1. The old Sanborn maps were indispensable 30 years ago. The number of architectural renderings and models that I made That were partially or entirely dependent on these maps must be in the dozens. Then came Google Earth...


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