02 December 2009

Matta-Clark talks | Sat 5 Dec

On the first Saturday of each month, the Pulitzer Foundation hosts four Frame-of-Reference in-gallery discussions. The current exhibition, Urban Alchemy / Gordon Matta-Clark, is the subject of the upcoming discussions this Saturday.

Gordon Matta-Clark, Pier In/Out.

This Saturday 5 December 2009 will feature four short discussions of Matta-Clark's work on display each beginning on the hour. This week's speakers include:
Francesca Herndon-Consagra, [12pm] Senior Editor, The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts will discuss Splitting: Four Corners.

Tom Tobias, [1pm] Art Teacher, Metro High School will discuss Garbage Wall.

Andrew Raimist, AIA, [2pm] Architect will discuss Bingo.

Joanne Kluba, [3pm] Pulitzer docent and book artist, will discuss Pier In/Out.

Chris Krehmeyer, [4pm] President/CEO of Beyond Housing will also speak.

The first installment of these talks (on Sat 7 Nov) included:
Emily Augsburger, Practicum Student for the partnership between the Pulitzer and George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis, discussed Bingo.

B.J. Vogt, Artist/Adjunct Lecturer: Core Program, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art, Washington University in St. Louis discussed two sets of Matta-Clark works: Bronx Floors and Pier In/Out.

Serra Bording-Jones, Docent, The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, discussed Conical Intersect which is represented in the exhibition with a film documenting the project by Matta-Clark.

Peter MacKeith, Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Architecture, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts,Washington University in St. Louis, discussed Splitting: Four Corners. The Pulitzer's installation of this work is among the most powerful spatially, conceptually and experientially.

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