24 September 2005

40-Story Tower -- rendering

Harris Armstrong's 1931 rendering for a forty story tower to be inserted between two existing buildings in downtown Saint Louis. The rendering is signed "Boyer & Armstrong Architects", but was clearly drawn by Armstrong. For comparison, see Armstrong's contemporary renderings for other Saint Louis projects: a proposed high-rise on Lindell Boulevard, a design for a country club, and an unbuilt modernist residence.

Alexander Boyer was an engineer and business partner of Armstrong at this time. At this point, Armstrong had several years experience as an apprentice, but needed to collaborate with someone with professional, commercial building credentials to attempt larger commissions.

Although this high-rise was not constructed, they did produce other tall structures in the Midwest (for example, see their Wesley Temple Building in Minneapolis).

Rendering courtesy of the Harris Armstrong Archives, Special Collections, Washington University in Saint Louis.

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  1. This will probably go unread considering the age of this post, but I have been looking for renderings of the Central Tower proposal for so freaking long. Would make perfect sense I come across this site searching for something completely different. Thank you so much, never thought i'd ever find this much info on this building.


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