19 September 2005

Magic Chef Bldg. -- back & front

Back & front of building as published.
Hedrich-Blessing, photograph.

The West elevation (at left) and view from Southeast (at right) of the Magic Chef Building as published in Architectural Forum are shown here side by side.

The left image appropriately presents a no-nonsense, utilitarian facade to the industrial context in which its is located. This massive brick masonry wall concealing the services acts as a shield from the intense heat of the late afternoon Saint Louis sun.

The right image is the inviting public side of the building which faces the busy north-south commercial street of Kingshighway. The fully glazed ground floor display area combined with the invitingly landscaped angled walks toward the main entry create a strong sense of welcome, openness and accessibility.

Photograph courtesy of the Harris Armstrong Archives, Special Collections, Washington University in Saint Louis.

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