23 September 2005

portrait of the author / architect

Portrait taken in July 2005 in the studio of Raimist architecture, Inc.

Seeing as I'm still learning how to develop this and don't yet have a handle on creating links along the margins of the page, I'd like to mention some of the websites and blogs that have directed people (directly or indirectly) to my blog.

~ one of the blogs by Saint Louis' own (a woman of many talents): B.E.L.T.

~ Thanks to Bill Keaggy (St. Louis Post-Dispatch Feature Photos Editor) who mentioned us on his blog (bits) by bill keaggy as well as including it in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch under the heading "A Site to Behold".

~ Chicago's Tim John Hill (, graduate of KSU): A Daily Dose of Architecture.

~ inclusion in the links section of the Architectural Sketches blog.

~ inclusion in the links section of the Architechnopilia blog (relating to the love of things architectural).

~ the website Annukka of Polish photographer Agata Lenczewska-Madsen. You should also see her photography on Flickr.

~ Kim G.'s website: LivingHome.

~ an entry with images of the Ethical Society in the :: urbansheep :: blog (in Russian), dated 21 October 2005.

~ the entry in the ColumnNetwork.org blog with the Shanley Building along with the quote, "Give me MODERN or give me death".

~ reference to our renovation of the Bergeron/Wellmeier Residence (originally the Vollmer Residence) on the Houseblogs.net site.

~ reference to Armstrong's "The Rockpile" on Archinect.com.

~ Michael Allen and Claire Nowak-Boyd's blog
Ecology of Absence. I'm also proud to be on their website's useful list of resources: links.

~ London-based magazine included links to this blog on Tuesday 2 August 2005, Tuesday 16 August 2005, and Friday 19 August 2005: ThingsMagazine.

~ for its mention of "The Rockpile": BlogosphereWanderlust.bldg.

~ The LivingHome entry entitled The dashing Harris Armstrong of St. Louis.

~ for its mention of the Magic Chef Building (on 1 Aug 05): Coudal Partnership. also, their endorsement to 'architecture geeks' in their archive.

~ inclusion in the architecture links section of the Architecture blog.

~ from the world's best online photography site Blogs That Flickr.

~ from inclusion in dmoz open directory project.

~ a website searchable for tags like "Armstrong": TagCloud.

~ for inclusion in the photostream section entitled Details of Modern Architecture on Kontent.

~ for inclusion on the blogroll of Pruned.

~ listing on the "A" list of PhotoBlogs.

~ comments on the Bergeron/Wellmeier Residence from JuicyFly.com.

~ Alejandro Rives of Uruguay: Arquitectarte.

~ Saint Louis' own: MB's Blogasm.

~ discussion site re: residential : LottaLiving.

~ site re: : Land+Living.

~ Architect and author Sarah Susanka's website Not So Big House.

~ Mother Earth's Mother Earth News.

To those involved with the above sites, "Thank you".

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  1. Andrew - Thanks for the mention, though just wanna let you know it's John Hill, not Tim Hill. Thanks, too for all the other great links to check out.


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