18 September 2005

Magic Chef stove, 1936

This 1936 Magic Chef stove is a massive 6300 Series 8 Burner unit. To purchase a fully restored, functional unit today costs about $29,000.

These stoves were the Viking and Wolf ranges of the time, featuring:
* 8 surface burners
* 6 - 9,000 BTU output
* 2 - 11,000 BTU output
* 2 baking ovens
* 2 roasting / broiler ovens
* warming oven
* condiment shelf
* work lamp
* measured time clock
* white and black porcelain cabinet wrapped in nickel trimmed frame
* shipping weight 745 pounds

The development of the stove design from 1926 to 1936 reveals the company's interest in creating the most up-to-date, highest quality stove possible.

In creating a building for the company manufacturing products like this, should the design have any conceptual or formal relationship to the product? In this case, does the building relate to the overall building form? Is any resemblance simply an unintentional coincidence?

Archival image.

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