15 September 2005

Magic Chef Bldg. -- north elevation

North face of building at night.
Hedrich-Blessing, photograph.

A night view of Armstrong's Magic Chef Building from the Northeast. While the building is stridently modern, it is also sensitively adapted to its climate and site. The primary glazing for offices faces to the North and South. This image of the North elevation demonstrates how Armstrong took full advantage of indirect lighting for the interior with North light. The South elevation has less glazing and more control over the light that is admitted.

The windows that 'kick out' at the Northwest corner of the building give the executive offices views to East and West, in addition to the North.

The entire ground floor is reserved for a showroom of Magic Chef's latest products. In essence, it is one gigantic display window. Particularly at night, the building appears to hover over the light filled, fully glazed ground flooor level.

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